Archaeology is more than just a thing that people do. It has its own culture and subcultures, and learning those can take some time and a lot of personal attention. This page contains some resources that I have found really helpful in learning about the discipline, and which I keep up with to stay in touch with what others are doing. Some are really accessible to those just starting out, others are a bit more arcane.


Archaeofantasies: Hosted by the Archaeological Podcast Network (APN), this is the work of Sarah (she usually doesn’t give her name in the podcast, so I’m not putting it here), Jeb Card, and Ken Feder, and they deal with the intersection of archaeology and various kinds of fantasy, including vampires, cryptozoology, aliens, etc. etc. etc.. It’s a really fun podcast, but around the discussions of some really interesting topics, the podcast does a great job of showing how archaeology collects and analyzes information differently, and really teases out the problematic implications of some of the fringier things out there.

Women in Archaeology: This is a podcast by female archaeologists, but is a great resource for all archaeologists. Contributors range from graduate students to established scholars, and they give a lot of different perspectives on their chosen topics. It’s a newer podcast, but really coming along well.


Savage Minds
This is probably one of the widest-read anthropological blogs. It’s good. Read it.

This is a blog done by students associated with the Southeast Archaeological Conference, and posts about archaeology in the region.

I keep abreast of blog posts using an RSS reader (namely Feedly… I still miss Google Reader), which I also use as a subscription service to tables of contents for academic journals, so I stay up on what is getting published, and can flag articles to read at length later.