This kept not going through on the SHA Listserv, so I’ll post it up here…

The Society for Historical Archaeology is coming back face-to-face in January. It’s been a heck of a time since we were all together in Boston, and I think it’s an opportune moment to catch up, formally and informally. So, I’m proposing this session:

Come and Tell Us Your Story: Oral Histories of Historical Archeology During the Pandemic

Abstract: The COVID-19 Pandemic has and continues to affect how historical archeologists have lived, worked, and perdured since we last met face to face. To start to make sense of what this period has meant, how it affects us individually and as a profession, and to capture our thoughts, emotions, and reactions at this point in our disciplinary history, the papers in this session seek to relate how archeologists of different backgrounds working in different contexts have negotiated the past two years. What have you gone through since Boston? Come tell us.

I think it’s important to catch what we’ve all been through, and to relate what the Pandemic has meant, continues to mean, and will mean to us all. This is to be a less-formal, lower-stress kind of moment-marking that I hope catches people from a lot of different backgrounds to share their thoughts. It’s open to anyone, so contact me at if you want to join in!

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