21 thoughts on “Discussion Thread: Sultana on PBS

  1. Sure, the excavation would be costly given its burial and inundation. However, they don’t address the fact that it would be a violation of Arkansas law to do so without some serious permitting, and would entail other dimensions, given the number of dead likely still on the wreck.

    1. Shameful, and frustrating that this is par for the course these days, I would say “unbelievable” but it seems like every show about archaeology in recent memory has either neglected basic ethics or out right violated them. Would it really have eliminated the “suspense” of the show to have a quick mention of burial laws? jeez

  2. “As far as we know, he had nothing to do with it at all.” No coal bombers were likely to have been involved. Really? Build us up and then dash it all? Sigh.

  3. While Lincoln may have helped keep Hatch in position to screw up, it’s still Hatch’s screw-up. Why did this turn into a Lincoln-bashing session?

  4. I’m glad to see someone bringing more attention to the topic even though the acting and camera shots were pretty hammy at moments. The red string bit was an eye-roller, and the golf claps after the final speech… not sure what to say. Perhaps they should have investigated other steamer explosions in the timeframe to add more insight. *shrug*

  5. According to Wikipedia: “In 1982, a local archaeological expedition, led by Memphis attorney Jerry Potter, uncovered what was believed to be the wreckage of Sultana. Blackened wooden deck planks and timbers were found about 32 feet (10 m) under a soybean field on the Arkansas side, about 4 miles (6 km) from Memphis. The Mississippi River has changed course several times since the disaster. The main channel now flows about 2 miles (3 km) east of its 1865 position.” So, why not call that walk in the field what it was – a recreation!! The Lincoln stuff was a bit heavy handed, IMO.

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