See what I did there? It’s the month, a reply to the prompt, and also a military metaphor, all in one…

[I drafted this two weeks ago, when it was still March, so it sort of works.]

Anywho, I’m keeping this brief because my thoughts on blogging in the future are basically these/this.

1. I don’t know if I’m going to keep doing it. This is not because I see it as being of little value, but it takes time to do and even more time to do well. That’s time I just don’t have. I put in enough extra time at my job that I basically neglect my wife and cats to a truly shameful degree, and I’m not interested in burning up my time with them to do yet more work-related stuff. Seriously. Not-blogging, I logged 243 hours last month.

2. I’d like to have about three months to build web presence up to where it should be. I’ve tried to put up pages on the Wallace’s Ferry and Dooley’s Ferry work, and would like to pull something together for about six other projects. It’s not so much blogging, but it falls upon the same lines. To do something like this at all takes time. To do it well? Eugh.

3. I need to figure out a set of rules for defining work-related content. My fieldwork is done through the Survey and on behalf of the State of Arkansas. However, not all of my posts are work-related, so I wouldn’t feel right putting it on a work blog. I could cultivate separate worlds, but, well, I spent the first two points griping about a lack of time.

4. I should stop writing this post and finish up my presentation for tomorrow. Seriously, Drexler, how did this seem like a good idea?

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